Insulated Containers (Heated)

A variety of insulated containers are available providing temperature controlled environments quickly and easily

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Due to the success of our existing product range that relates to the transportation of perishables at lower temperatures we have now become the distributor in the UK for an exciting and newly developed product for high temperatures: Temptainer.

With its robust, hard-wearing, stainless steel construction, its ergonomically designed handles, its thick, form-cast insulation and a highly efficient heating element, Temptainer provides the following principal advantages over its competitors on the market:

  • Stable and correct temperature in all areas of the box
  • Completely smooth inside – no unnecessary “dirt traps”
  • Simple to clean, Ergonomic design with User-friendly handles
  • Doors that can open to an angle of 270°
  • Low power heating element for low energy consumption

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