Portable Refrigeration Systems

DBS have successfully provided solutions for a wide range of professional applications for Chilled, Frozen and up to +40°C

UK MOD Ruggedized Portable Refrigeration Solution   Designed to accommodate the UK Ministry of Defence’s requirement for a specific container for the transport of blood products, including plasma, an 82 litre container was modified to provide many key requirements for front line operations. For more detailed information please visit our Military and ruggedized page.

2 portable refrigeration solutions for PharmaWith more than fifteen years involvement with cold chain distribution, David and the team at DBS continue to research and develop cost effective and reliable solutions for the distribition of pharmaceutical and medical products. You can find out more by visiting our Plasma and Pharmaceutical page.

Chilled solution fitted to a van where full air conditioning was not requiredMany users of refrigerated vans, especially in the small and medium van segments, do not need to bear the costs of a completely refrigerated vehicle. This is no longer the case. We are able to provide a solution as detailed in our Active Containers for Distribution page.

Portable Refrigeration Trolley for the Catering tradeTypically, most catering, hospitality and events companies have to bear the cost of funding a fully refrigerated van for the whole year only to find that it may only be used for a relatively small amount of time especially throught the winter months. Please turn to our Catering Containers page for more information on just some of the benefits of using our insulated containers.