Pharmaceutical & Plasma Carriers

  • Stable, pre-qualified temperatures from -30°C up to +40°C
  • Digital display with alarm function available
  • Precision engineered and polyethylene injection moulded
  • Re-usable concept thereby reducing waste
  • Light weight and easy to transport
  • Low tare and volumetric weight reduces shipping costs
  • Robust design to ensure maximum longevity
  • Unique DBS ‘power support systems’ optional
  • Service plans available for that extra piece of mind

Please Note:
Our systems are produced to the highest standards and as such benefit from many certifications including EMC, APT, TUV and E11 but do not currently comply with EU medical device directive 93/94. The design and application has been centred around the transportation and distribution of products rather than the long term storage thereof. From experience we have found that inspection agencies including MHRA will seek compliance of operational procedures within an organisation and therefore the equipment that we provide has been subjected to extensive temperature trials with externally validated data logging reports to ensure that correct procedures will result in maximum product integrity. For more information on the services that we are able to provide in conjunction with our equipment please feel free to contact us.